Petro-Analytical, Inc., founded in 1991, serves clients nationwide providing diesel fuel
system management services for emergency generators, fire pumps and boilers.

  Long-Term Stored Diesel Fuel
Generator Engine Oil
Generator Engine Coolant
  Designated Operator Services
System Testing
Administrative Compliance
  Design/Build Fuel System Services
Complete In-House Engineering Services
CA General Engineering, A-Haz Licensed Contractor
  Soil and Ground Water Assessment
Remediation Design and Implementation
Site Closure Services
  •  Our comprehensive program of fuel, oil and coolant laboratory analysis helps to ensure that critical emergency generators/fire  pumps will perform properly when called upon.

  •  Our comprehensive program of regulatory compliance ensures that all operational, testing and administrative compliance  tasks are complete and documented.

  •  Our complete engineering and construction services offer design/build capabilities for underground tank, aboveground tank,  piping, day tank and leak detection system repairs and installation.

  •  Our association with Padre Associates allows full environmental assessment and remediation services, focusing on diesel  fuel and gasoline releases to the soil and groundwater.

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