Petro-Analytical, Inc. Fuel Storage Compliance

On-going regulatory compliance for above and below ground storage of diesel fuel for emergency generator, fire pump and boiler systems is a complicated and onerous task. PAI is well versed in Federal, State and local regulations for fuel system compliance. We offer a comprehensive program of site-specific evaluation, administrative controls, operational efficiencies and system testing to ensure on-going compliance.

  Fuel System Compliance Services
Property visit
  • Review system configuration
  • Review regulations
  Administrative paperwork check
  • Review property compliance protocol and Best Management Practices
  • Underground Storage Tank/Aboveground Storage Tank construction documentation
  • Permits, Registration, Inspection Reports
  • Fuel Delivery Protocol, Monitoring Plan, Response Plan, Financial Responsibility, etc.
Designated Operator Program (California only)
  • Monthly technician visits
  • System Inspection Reporting and Annual Training
System Testing
  • Triennal Secondary Containment Testing
  • Leak Detection System Certification
  • Spill Bucket Testing
  • Pressure Piping System Integrity Testing
  • Suction Piping System Integrity Testing
  • Cathodic Protection System Evaluation
Spill Prevention, Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) Plans
  • Federal EPA Requirements for Aboveground Storage
JCAHO sample analysis and training recommendations
  • Please see JCAHO generator training recomendations below
Underground Storage Tank Regulatory Links

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